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Land Clearing and Leveling in Houlton and New Limerick, ME

Trust Nickerson Construction Inc. to Make the Space You Need Possible

If you need land clearing and leveling in Houlton and New Limerick, ME, and beyond, call Nickerson Construction Inc. Sometimes, new buildings mean that you need to clear some land. Quality equipment and careful practices are critical to get exactly what you need. This means that the building portion of the project will be ready to begin.

Choose our exceptional land clearing and leveling services for any land preparation work that you need. Our trusted land clearing and leveling experts use excellent equipment to make way for your building projects. Do you have land clearing and leveling questions or work that needs done? Give us a call today at (207) 532-9391 to get excellent workmanship at a fair price.

Getting the Land Ready So Construction Projects Can Proceed

Clearing the land that you need can be a difficult challenge at every step. Having to map out exactly what you need can be tricky. Not having the right engineers can make the work even more demanding and expensive. There are many ways that we can help you with your clearing process, all of which are done carefully and safely. Here are some of the factors that can influence price:

  • Size of the Land
  • Time on the Job
  • Land Condition
  • Tree Clearing
  • Brush Removal
  • Mulching and Loam
  • Excavating
  • Location

Removing Yard Waste in Houlton, New Limerick, and Surrounding Areas

Once our skilled contractors knock down everything in the way, you can trust us to remove the yard waste. Count on us for brush burning and yard waste and landscape removal in Houlton, New Limerick, and surrounding areas. This helps you to get the space that you need in a quick, efficient manner while keeping your project under budget.

Ready to Help Our Friends and Neighbors with Their Land Clearing Jobs

No matter where you live throughout our service area, we are ready to prepare your construction and repair projects. Whether you have a little or a lot to remove, we have the tools to get the work done. Rely on our knowledgeable land clearing specialists to get your land ready for your project. Contact our office today to discuss your vision and come up with a plan that works with your situation.

In Houlton, New Limerick, and surrounding areas, depend on Nickerson Construction Inc. for excellent land clearing and leveling.